About us

The story of our cooperation is very simple. Seek and you shall find. The producer of raw material met with the processor. The result of this meeting is a completely new opportunity to use biomass in districts for the sake of 2nd generation BTL (biomass to liquid) in an efficient way having a good future before itself. Transformation of Virginia sida to 2nd generation BTL diesel fuel is carried out via the KDV-procedure (catalytic pressure free depolymerisation), then the biodiesel is transformed to heat and power by small decentralised CHP power plants! These processes and their combined application are the most efficient and enviroment friendly procedure in our era to produce green energy.

Our basic philosophy is producing green energy in an efficient and environment friendly way.

At the same time, it's no big deal to create jobs. The real masterwork is maintaining these jobs on a long-term basis, which goal is also a fundamental feature of our activities.

Our main target is satisfaction. We must achieve satisfaction in a way which makes our colleagues and all the people living in our environment happy. We want to materialize this quote from Madách: "The machine turns, the creator rests."